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Why Choose A Boating Holiday?

If you have yet to experience a waterways holiday a whole new surprise awaits you! It's completely different from any other kind of holiday, and you will find many contrasts to a
traditional beach, hotel or motoring holiday.

First, daily life is experienced at 3 to 4 miles per hour. Traffic close to the waterways appears to be in a fruitless, needless hurry. You, by contrast, glide serenely along almost always free from other boating traffic through peaceful, beautiful countryside largely unspoilt from the days centuries ago when the waterways were first constructed. Their original
purpose, the transport of goods, resulted in many cases in a legacy of stunning architecture that has mellowed with the passing of the years, and which today enhances the visual pleasure of your journey. It is indeed a unique holiday experience!

If it's your first time on a boat you will be asking yourself what standard of comfort you may expect to find and in this respect we confidently expect you to be pleasantly surprised. Read this brochure with great care and be sure of exactly what you are booking. Sleeping arrangements are of course of paramount importance as are bathroom facilities. Book a boat with as much space as you can afford. Space means comfort and a happy crew.

The quality of fixtures and fittings is generally best on newer, bigger boats, and you may find that the standard comes close to that of your home. People often comment that the standard of equipment is better than they expected. These standards often extend to crockery, glassware, linen etc.


Boating is not hard work or a chore, it's fun - even the locks - so be prepared to be hooked!

Family Fun For ALL!
Never a dull moment for young or old – this really is a holiday for the whole family. Everyone of mature years can take his or her turn steering the boat – it really is very satisfying. And then there are locks by means of which the boat is raised or lowered from one water level to another.  A fascinating and simple engineering principle enables you to move tons of water almost effortlessly, sometimes with the help of lockkeepers who may be keen to sell you some of their own vegetables or fruit grown nearby.

Walking and cycling are favourite pastimes either along the towpath or into nearby villages.  It’s easy to get ahead of the boat and wait for it to catch you up. But don’t spend too long in a cool bar – you may miss it!

The young members of the party may find public swimming pools along the way or choose to take a dip in a refreshing lake.

Friends Together
Sharing a holiday with friends on a boat has two great advantages. You can all have a great deal of fun and enjoyment, and you can also create a more affordable holiday. Many of our larger boats are ideal for groups of friends. Go for en suite cabins and large sun-decks, and consider having a 'spare' cabin where all your bags can be easily stored.

With friends you can share the steering, the lock handling and any cooking. You can visit places together, dine in waterside restaurants, cycle in a group or individually, and generally just relax and have a great time. You have a recipe for an absolutely brilliant holiday together.

An upcoming 'significant' birthday or anniversary might be an ideal opportunity to plan a special holiday with good friends. If you share interests with them you could aim to visit places you've always wanted to see like Venice. Cruising the wine regions of Burgundy or the Canal du Midi might provide an excellent opportunity to indulge an interest in wine and good food. Celebrating the 'special day' on board your boat would be a unique and memorable experience.

Sightseeing & Excursions
As you look through the possible itineraries in this brochure you will be impressed with the range of places you can visit. Apart from the obvious star attractions like Venice and Berlin, you can make your way around world famous wine-growing areas in Burgundy and the Languedoc in France. You can move close to coastal areas in the Camargue, Brittany and the Adriatic near Venice. With some careful planning you could arrange your cruise to coincide with the dates of important cultural events like music or arts festivals. With a boat you can achieve great flexibility.

Instead of specific sightseeing you may wish to just potter about near the waterways. A hired bicycle is a great way to leave the boat for a few hours and get a broader look at the surrounding area. Visit nearby villages, go shopping in colourful local markets, or visit cultural attractions. We’ve tried to give you some indications in our regional descriptions of where you might like to go.

Local restaurants and bars along the waterways are a very likely distraction on your holiday, providing no doubt some of the most enjoyable and memorable moments.

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